New for 2020 Recipes! Show us how you cook with New England Sauce!


New England Sauce traces its roots trace back to a "small" backyard garden in the summer of 2016. Surrounded by 6 species of massive tomato plants, watermelons, and cucumbers; two small pepper plants found their way into the mix. The culprits were a Red Hot Thai, and a Golden Cayenne. The Thai plant would grow to be wider than tall, and while never leaving more than a foot or so from the ground it still managed to produce hundreds of tiny red peppers. The Golden Cayenne grew skinny and about 2 or so feet tall it produced about 15-20, extremely seed dense, shining yellow peppers.

Around harvest time our grand Italian gardener Jason is learning of the repercussions of having too green of a thumb; the extremely high ratio of tomato plants, and them being as tall as people, lead to an overage of all things garden. While, like most Italians, Jason was happy to eat tomatoes by the pound he generously gave away the large majority of the garden. Among what we received? 1 bag of Golden Cayenne's, and 1 bag of Thai peppers.

After a night of peer pressure, and painful decisions, we found ourselves asking what we should do with these peppers? It is here the story begins, our hot sauce loving selves quickly land upon the idea of converting them into a sauce. Google, Market Basket, and Dunks quickly become the new stomping ground and an argument or two later we were cooking, what would technically become our first batch of hot sauce.

Over the next few months, we would begin the process of founding New England Sauce, behind all the paperwork we still found time to do countless test batches. With each idea, another followed, and we eventually developed something like a plan for releasing our flavors. We hope to eventually have a sauce for everyone, those who like heat, and those who don't. Those who like traditional sauces and those who want their minds turned upside down.